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Are you tired of cleaning up the aftermath of destructive interpersonal conflict? Do you long to be free from the stress and desperation of conflict avoidance? Are you doing your best to make progress in diversity but just can't find the road to real inclusion? Contact us at to explore how we can help your workplace, church, or other community organization experience the authentically inclusive interconnected flourishing that can be yours when you create a culture of consistently constructive conflict.
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We offer:

  • Conflict competence workshops

  • Diversity workshops

  • Leader development

  • Change consultation

  • And, if you're experiencing destructive conflict or progress-hindering conflict avoidance in a workplace, church, or community organization setting, we can provide third-party non-judicial mediation. Please note that this type of mediation is a formal process whereby we facilitate communication between individuals to assist them in constructing mutually-acceptable agreements that move them beyond the impasse they've reached. We are NOT lawyers, we do NOT provide binding arbitration services, and we are NOT counselors (i.e., we do not offer any advice on the substantive details of the dispute). The service we provide is the management of a communication process that can bring willing individuals to the table and keep them there long enough to identify and overcome the obstacles that are impeding their ability to work together. In simplest terms, we do not solve people's problems -- we facilitate a communication process that helps people solve their own problems.

Please note that we do not provide family counseling, training, or mediation services. We can help families improve their interpersonal relationships via training in the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of conflict competence, but we only do this within the larger context of a church or community organization. We are not licensed counselors, we do not accept insurance payments, and we simply cannot provide the therapeutic services that a licensed family counselor provides.

Please also note that we do not advertise standard service charges because we customize all of our client sessions to try to provide maximum impact within your time and budget constraints.

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